A senior woman embraces a senior man from behind while they take a break from playing tennis

For many retirees, the decision of where to live during their golden years is one of the most significant choices they’ll ever make. One option is a Life Plan Community, a unique senior living concept that offers resort-like amenities, maintenance-free living and multiple levels of care, all on one campus.

Many seniors who chose a Life Plan Community will tell you it was one of the best decisions they ever made, citing the uplifting social life, dining experience, breadth of activities, and the peace of mind that comes from having a plan for long-term care.

What does the research say? Let’s delve into the findings of a study and the well-documented benefits that distinguish Life Plan Communities from other retirement living options.


The Age Well Study

Conducted by the Mather Institute in collaboration with Northwestern University, The Age Well Study surveyed more than 8,200 participants across 122 communities and is the most comprehensive research on Life Plan Community living to date. The study was crafted to evaluate and compare the perceived well-being of seniors residing in Life Plan Communities against those in other living situations. The results paint a compelling picture of the benefits of a retirement community like Reata Glen.


Improved Overall Life Satisfaction

Participants in Life Plan Communities reported a higher overall life satisfaction than those living elsewhere, indicating this model positively affects residents’ emotional well-being and contentment. This robust sense of satisfaction can be attributed to the attentive services, engaging environment and social networks formed in a community lifestyle.


Sustained High Activity Levels

The study also revealed that seniors in Life Plan Communities are more active than their counterparts, suggesting a direct correlation between community engagement and physical activity. At Reata Glen, the robust Activities Calendar offers practically endless opportunities to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, fostering a vibrant community that encourages movement and participation.


Increased Social Wellness

Social relationships play a pivotal role in maintaining good mental and emotional health, especially in one’s later years. The study found that Life Plan Community residents have a wider social network and more frequent social contacts compared to other senior living arrangements, which bodes well for emotional resilience and overall happiness.


Enhanced Sense of Purpose in Life

Feelings of purpose and meaning are essential for human flourishing at any stage of life. The Age Well Study indicates that residents of Life Plan Communities are more likely to report a strong sense of purpose in their daily activities, possibly due to the community’s supportive environment and the opportunities for contribution and personal growth.

Plus, with a plan for care, residents can focus on achieving personal goals instead of worrying about any care they may need in the future. At Reata Glen, residents have peace of mind with priority access to the adjacent health center for assisted living, memory care and long-term care in a skilled nursing center, if ever needed.


A Wonderful Retirement Lifestyle

As The Age Well study suggests, Reata Glen and communities with a similar model provide a supportive ecosystem to maximize residents’ well-being and personal growth. The commitment to fostering a holistic living experience, as found in the study’s findings, marks the Life Plan Community option as an ideal choice for retirees looking to ensure a fulfilling and active lifestyle.

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