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Congrats! You’ve decided to trade in the day-to-day responsibilities of homeownership for the potential and opportunities by moving into senior living. Now that the “deciding” is over, it’s time for the “doing” part. If it’s been years or decades since you’ve moved, where do you even start?

Making a List. Checking it Twice.

Santa’s list-making adage works all year round and is good for more than doublechecking who’s naughty or nice. So you can hit the ground running at your new community, here are a few suggestions to help you get organized and ready to have the smoothest move possible:

Plan for your move: This is a good time to ask your friends and family for recommendations and to start interviewing moving companies and real estate agents. You can also begin preparing your home to sell and gathering any moving materials (like boxes) that you think you’ll need.

Downsizing: You’re probably not going to want (or need) all the things you currently have. Now is the time to go through each room of your current house and decide what you’re going to keep, donate and giveaway. As you sort through your possessions, you should also keep in mind the size of the floor plan you’re moving to and what you’ll have room for.

Decorating: A new place means a fresh start with new décor options. Today’s styles are focused on comfort, richness and surrounding yourself with the things you enjoy. However, you should explore whatever feels right to you.

Tax preparation: No matter where you move, there’s no avoiding taxes, this is a good time to talk with your tax advisor to ensure you’re getting all the breaks you deserve. For example, moving to a Life Plan Community — like Reata Glen  — could provide you with tax breaks on your entrance fee and monthly service fee. You should also ask about the tax implications of selling your current home.

Consider long-term care insurance (LTCI): This type of insurance can help cover the costs of some types of health care not covered by Medicare. Like life insurance, the younger you are when you purchase LTCI, the less it costs. Consult your financial planner to determine whether LTCI is right for you.

Attend community events: To help you make connections before you even move in, communities typically offer events for future residents to get to know each other, experience the lifestyle and meet their new neighbors.

Explore your new neighborhood: Probably one of the reasons you picked the community you did was for its location. You don’t have to wait until you move in to start exploring – Go to dinner, take in some of the entertainment options, or just drive around the neighborhood to check out the local parks and attractions.

Day one activities: Ask the community for their most current activity calendar and start making a list of all the clubs, classes, outings, events and more you want to check out once you get settled.


Plan for a More Engaging Future

Haven’t picked your senior living community yet? We know you’ll love Reata Glen. We’ve been voted best retirement community in Orange County three years in a row. Explore our residences and then call us or contact us here to schedule a personal tour.