ABC 7, February 2020

On February 2, Eileen Padley and Sue Thomas watched in horror as local nonprofit organization Working Wardrobes was destroyed in a fire. For years, the Reata Glen residents had been involved in the organization that helps at-risk people in Orange County find careers.

“It was devasting to see the loss of all of their equipment and all of their racks of clothing,” said Sue Thomas. “We had to do something!”

Following the fire, they felt an urge to help in the rebuilding process and start a clothing and supply drive at Reata Glen.

“We love giving back and we’re all still very active,” said Thomas.

Within three days, hundreds of residents donated items for the cause. In all, they collected more than 400 pounds of men and women’s clothing items, and hundreds of pairs of shoes and purses.

“We never expected it to be so huge,” said Padley. “Once people move in here, they’ve pretty much downsized.”

Due to such a large donation, Reata Glen’s Executive Director Suzanne Nasraty gave up space at the community and donated a van to transport the items to the Working Wardrobes current location.

“Every day I just love seeing what our residents at Reata Glen can do,” said Nasraty.

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